Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mad Snapper and Bobby Appleseed's Grandkids

Last summer Sandra, AKA MadSnapper, was offering seeds to anyone who wanted them.  I asked for some because her flowers were so pretty, so of course I'd love to have some. :)  I received those seeds in the mail September 2011.  We've been emailing each other ever since. :) 
These seeds , AKA Sandra and Bob's grandkids, grew into lovely plants and are finally starting to bloom!  The one you will see here in the pics is the Dwarf Poinciana.  
Hubby has planted these in all kinds of plastic containers.  From what Sandra told us, if we were to plant the Dwarf Poinciana in the ground it will grow into a 6 to 20ft tree!  We will eventually put at least one in the ground.  The other plant hasn't bloomed yet, it's a Dwarf Powderpuff.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Breakfast at Denny's

Last week my son treated to me to breakfast.  Not only did he pay, he was my chauffeur.  His junior year in high school is scheduled a lot like college.  Two days a week he has a couple of hours between classes to come home and study.  This day he wanted some mom time and that made my week!
No limo, but his little G35 is growing on me. :)

This has got to be the prettiest Denny's in Orlando.  LOL

My baby boy...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Sunday Rescue

Our pup, Rocket, found a squeaky toy in the backyard on Sunday.  I was in the kitchen and I'm very familiar with that sound.  I knew it was a baby squirrel calling for its mama.  I ran outside and there he was under our Gardenia bush.  Rocket didn't even harm one hair on the little guy!  I scooped him up and checked him over.  He looked in good shape except maybe starting to get dehydrated.  I got him wrapped in a t-shirt and place him in a shoe box and placed a heating pad under the box.  
A mama will not take back a cold baby because she thinks he may be sick and doesn't want to make her other babies sick.  Also, you don't want to feed a cold baby.  I had high hopes of the mama coming back for him, but it never happened.  There's a good chance that something happened to the mama and this little guy was hungry and started crawling around in the nest looking for food and fell out of the nest.  He's about three to four weeks old and has a great set of lungs on him! 

I took him to a very nice lady that works with the wildlife rescue group that I've been dealing with for over twenty years.  I would love to have raised him, but here lately I don't have the time to give him. He will need around the clock feedings, etc..  I will be going back to visit him and I'll be sure to carry my handy camera.  :)  
Remember to help all creatures big or small.  Good deeds aren't always convenient. :)

his eyes haven't opened yet.

totally helpless

here's where the little guy was found.

I took these pics with my right hand while holding the little guy,
so, please over look bad lighting, etc..

he's in nursing position, he'll be getting fed soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Treats for Rover

I had copied this recipe from someone's blog, but now I don't remember who's blog...sorry!  What I do know for sure is that our three pups love these frozen treats!  Just check out Rambo's reaction!  I'll make sure to post the recipe below in case someone would like to make it for their "Rover".  Happy Saturday!  


                      Cool Peanut Butter Cubes

3 cups plain non-fat yogurt
1 cup unsalted peanut butter
1 tbsp honey

*combine all ingredients and whisk thoroughly.
pour mixture into ice cube trays and freeze solid
(at least two hours).
Give treat to Rover and watch him beg for more! lol 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grateful Squirrel

This little guy was so cute and begged so nicely I had to go in the house and get a handful of peanuts. :)  He was so grateful he gave me a tail wave. LOL  
I can't resist this little guy's face. :)

grateful tail

posing for me...

so sweet!