Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I wish everyone a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!  I'm so thankful to have such kind & warm hearted friends in blogland.  
I'm also thankful that God's creatures of all shapes and sizes have a lot of times made their way to me.  And when they do, I never turn them away. :)
This little one below is a new addition to one of our Mama Squirrel's family and she has taught her little ones that they can trust me and to just give us this cute look and we'll pass out dinner. :)  Animals also trust and love my son.  He has never thought twice about helping an animal in need.  He also has a big heart for elderly people and for this I'm thankful!

I'll be with my family having a wonderful dinner and counting blessings all day because I'm so THANKFUL for life!

hugs to you all,

My Mommy taught me to share, so I have a acorn for you do you have a peanut for me by chance??

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Morning Glory

This lovely was waiting for me just outside my kitchen window.  One beautiful flower brought a big smile to my face.  Hubby is at work and I already texted him to tell him about it. :)  He knows I've been looking forward to these beauties.

It's another beautiful day here in Orlando.  Today is suppose to reach 82, but tomorrow should only reach 70 and Thursday should be in the 60's...time for my boots! :)

Happy Saturday to you and yours!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shake It Off

It's very rare that a Mocking bird hangs out long enough for me to snap a pic.  This time I gotcha ya!
I've seen Mocking birds fighting off Hawks, they're some brave birds.  I guess I can relate because I'm a mom and would always fight off predators to protect my young. :) 

We've had family visiting from out of state, birthdays and life stuff going on.  
Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week.  We will be eating Turkey as always.  Do you eat turkey or have a different tradition??

Shake it off. lol

Monday, November 11, 2013

I Love My Veteran Everyday

Thank you, Veterans!  

My hubby was in the Army for 12 years and served in Iraqi Freedom II.  I have an uncle that served in Vietnam and an uncle retired with the Air Force.  I'm blessed to have them all in my life.

This is a picture of my hubby in a Chinook helicopter in Korea.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hibiscus Special

I found this little Hibiscus at Lowe's home improvement store.  It was on the clearance table.  I paid .25, only a quarter!  Love it!  And just look how beautiful it is blooming.  These pics were taken on this gorgeous Friday morning here in Florida.  It's only suppose to be a high of mid 70's today, so I'm very excited!  
Hope your Friday brings you lots of smiles. :)

fall blooms in Florida...

beautiful from all angles...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More of Cary, NC

I have more of beautiful Cary to share with you.
I can't believe it's already November!  I'm not Christmas shopping yet, but I do love Christmas music.  My son took me to Starbucks over the weekend and he played Christmas music for us to enjoy, we both love it. :)