Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Roxanne & Heidi are waiting for Santa!  They just know they will have treats in their stockings because they've been good girls. :)  
Meanwhile, I'm cleaning the house, stuffing stockings and planning dinner.  Kyle works until 7 tonight, so dinner will be around 7:30.  After dinner we'll make hot cocoa and then it's time for our tradition of taking a drive to look at Christmas lights.  
I had forgot about doing a post about my boots, probably because it's been in the 80's here. lol  Today we finally have a cold front, high is suppose to be only 66! :)

Hope everyone is having a joyful Christmas Eve!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baking, Shopping, wrapping & picture taking!

We always send out photo Christmas cards to family and friends.  We always have fun with it!  Hubby loves sitting up the tripod, the pups start barking and we have Christmas music playing and cookies in the oven.  Most of the photos come out blurred because one of us move. LOL 

Kyle is no longer working as a life guard because we thought it would be getting cold (what a joke!) and he wanted to get some cash handling experience on his resume.  He's been working at Marshalls for about two months and is really enjoying himself.  He works the register 95% of the time.  We're very proud of him!  I do enjoy his 10% discount and on some days he gets 20% which is great considering it's already a discounted store with nice items. :)

I'm home alone right now, so I'm off to do more baking and visit some blogs. :)  I'll leave you with Heidi & myself, she's 5 lbs of sweetness!  XOXO's!!!

she's such a sweetie!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's finally beginning to look like Christmas

It's finally looking like Christmas in our home!  We've been running so far behind this year!  Last night we put up the tree, stockings, baked cookies, we were singing and dancing and we watched Charlie Brown's Christmas.:)
We have another new family member and her name is Heidi.  Heidi's owner no longer wanted her or her kitten sister and my uncle took them in so they weren't thrown away.  My uncles oldest female pup didn't like Heidi too much and was picking on her, but my Grandma loves Heidi and she lives with my uncle.  Anyway, I now have Heidi, so now my grandma still gets to see Heidi and all is well.  Heidi fits in our family perfectly, she's feisty and we love her!  And our pups love all 5 lbs of Heidi!  She's 8 yrs young and so she and Roxanne are the same age. :)  
Now we have 3 1/2 pups and 1 kitty cat!  Life is never boring!  


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spectacular Skies

I have so many sky pics!  Probably 50% of my cell phone pics are sky pics. :)  
Here are a few of my favs.

3 Wonderful Years!

December 10th was our 3 year wedding anniversary!  
Yep, we're still honeymooners! :)

While we were in NC we visited Lizard Lick.  Kyle wanted to get something there for his grandpa.  It's a small place, you could drive right thru it easily.  We didn't meet any of the famous people this time. 

Hope everyone is having happy days! It's in the 80's here,yuck!  I'll trade someone sunshine for a little snow. :)

Sandra, I am wearing my boots! Wish you could see them!  LOL

Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Rocket is 3!

Our Rocket turned 3 on this past Sunday, December 1st.  We've got a lot going on now and do feel bad that he didn't have cake, but he will be enjoying his birthday cake this coming weekend. :)  
We rescued Rocket from the local county shelter and believe me we were just in time.  We weren't looking for another puppy dog, but have you noticed that in life the best gifts are unexpected??  I've found that to be so true in my life. 
Happy Belated Birthday to our dear Rocket boy!

Rocket loves the camera.:)

sweet baby

We've never had a problem getting Rocket to relax. LOL