Monday, January 12, 2015

Cute Critters

These beauties visit our backyard regularly and we love it!  We believe in "Live & Let Live".  They're all so beautiful and entertaining!  I'll probably go shopping for a bird bath or two soon so I can encourage more visitors, including bees.  As far as squirrels, I make sure to feed them away from the house and I don't feed them too much, I don't want them to become dependent on us. :)  I do have a feeder for them to reach and two other feeders that are just for the birds.  We have rabbits that live in our front yard so we're careful to not blow all the leaves away or clean up too well. lol  
We're also trying to be careful when treating our yard for fleas, weeds, etc..  We use soap & water or vinegar as much as possible.  Vinegar is a favorite for me when cleaning inside, but I prefer the smell of lemons. 

Any of you have cleaning advice to share?  I would love to hear it. :)    

One of our Mama Squirrels.

 Tufted Titmouse
This is my first time seeing them in person!  So cute!

He found a treat!

Love watching Robins..

This little guy is extra special to me.
He is the squirrel that welcomed us here when we first moved in.
He was quite young and brave.  Not everyone is kind to furry visitors.
 He is the only one that will walk up to the sliding glass doors and say hi to our pups. :)

I hope to have a family of Blue Birds in our backyard this spring.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bare Beauty

It's a different kind of winter here in Cary, it's cold!  In Orlando 55 degrees was freezing to us, but here 55 degrees with the sunshine is a perfect day.  I wish it was going to be 55 today or even 45, not happening.  It was 12 degrees at 6:30 this morning and now it's a sunny 18 degrees!

These trees make me think of my son.  When Kyle was young and wanted a toy or something I would remind him that having fun and nice things is fine, but if one day you no longer have things make sure You're a good and kind person because that's all that really matters.  These trees are mostly bare, but yet are still beautiful.  

in our neighborhood

our backyard

Around the corner from our home,  yep that's 5 o'clock traffic
 and that's a pretty tree I look at just about every time I leave home. :)