Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Little Girl, Heidi!

Little Heidi was rescued by my uncle.  Her owner was moving out of state and her plans were to take Heidi and her cat to a shelter.  My uncle heard about this at his work and immediately jumped in to rescue the two.  My uncle's little alpha dachshund wasn't always nice to Heidi, so she's ours now. :) I call her my grandma's dog because when grandma is here you can always find Heidi in grandma's lap. :)
She may only be 4.5 lbs, but she has a BIG bark!    Maybe it's a little yappy, but it's loud! lol
She has a favorite stuffed animal, Ducky, that she keeps in her bed.  If any of the other pups even act like they're about to sniff around Ducky, watch out!  Heidi will come charging and snapping!  As if she has forgotten that she's smaller than Rambo's head!  Gotta love her spunk!
Heidi sends everyone little kisses and hugs!

My Grandma and Heidi
April 2015

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Puppy Dog, Rocket!

Rocket is fast!  When I met him at the shelter his time was up.  I asked for him to be brought out and play in the shelter's yard and he was a blast!  He was fast and wanted to play with every other puppy dog there.  I fell in love with him and five years later he's keeping Roxy and Rambo on their toes. lol  He's like an energetic, permanent two year old. :)
Every morning Rocket turns into border patrol.  He sniffs every inch of our fence to see what was lurking around his yard overnight.  He loves to run into the middle of a bunch of birds and see them fly away...simple pleasures in life. :) 
Rocket doesn't give many kisses, but he sends everyone a "high paw".

He loves to cruise around in the corvette with his boy, Kyle. :)