Thursday, April 27, 2017

This Pup Is A Swimmer

While out and about looking at homes for sale we spotted a game of fetch.  This cute pup is a swimmer!  This lake and small park is in one of the neighborhoods we like very much.  
When I saw the mom throw that Big stick I asked hubby to do a U turn.  So glad I had my camera because it was simply too far for my cell phone camera.
I wanted to go and meet the mom of this pup, but we had an appointment to see a house.
Our Roxy and Rambo love playing fetch, but Roxy doesn't care for water and Rambo is a swimmer and will play fetch all day.  
Can you pick a favorite?? 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Chicks

Our backyard Wrenns have four new mouths to feed.  We've been helping just a bit by putting out meal worms daily. :)  They're so cute and we're enjoying watching them learn to fly.   

this pic made me laugh until I cried! lol

not good lighting, but you can see them together. :)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Our Kitty, Fox & Seeing Beautiful

Fox was sitting on my lap and I snapped a pic of him.  He was taking a break from playing tag with his siblings. :)
Hubby has a three day weekend, so we're going shopping together for Easter dinner groceries.
Do you have anything special that you make for Easter that is a tradition or family favorite?

Today we remember Sugar by Seeing Beautiful...
Sugar will remain in my heart and so many others.  She had a fetching smile and and such happy & loving eyes.

Baby, Sandra's beautiful girl and Duke, Ann's handsome boy, had smiles that were contagious and are missed dearly.
Baby had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.  Duke just knew he was royalty. :)
Our furbabies always make us See Beautiful and feel loved.

The link to Sugar's blog is on my sidebar, her Mom would love to hear from you.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Enjoying Spring

Thank you for the birthday wishes, it was a wonderful day!  I had my family with me all day and night and that is, and always will be, what puts a smile on my face. :)  I must show you a few of my favorite gifts. 

We've been having perfect weather!  Sunshine everyday and birds singing their little hearts out.
We've had such a treat watching our Carolina Wrenn's bring their four babies to our deck.  They are the definition of PRECIOUS. :)

To Hootin' Anni..I bought some organic kale at Publix and I love it. :)  I've already been changing my diet, but adding kale is one of the best changes I could have made, so thank you. :)

one of the four Precious new lives

tulips are one of my favorites

my son gave me thebeautiful earrings and bracelet.
these are now my go to for holidays
and special occasions.
who doesn't love a good book,?
non-fiction in my favorite. :)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, I'm a spring baby!  
My parents told me there were flowers blooming everywhere and the sun was shining on the day they took me home from the hospital. :)
Spring has always been my favorite season, but after having my baby boy in the summer there just might be a tie. :)  Do you have a favorite season?
My day will start with a doctor's appt., endocrine, and continue with family, food, sunshine, and hopefully some cake and flowers, basically a lot of fun. :)

Hope you have lots of sunshine in your day!