Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!  I've been baking, spending time with family, wrapping gifts and listening to Christmas music!  I turn it up loud and dance in the's the best, our pups even love it!  
Merry Christmas to you!

Love is what it's all about..

Roxy enjoying an early present.

This is how I roll when it comes to baking. haha
however, I will make my Chocolate Raspberry cake from scratch :)

These are sooo gooood!
They're my dad and hubby's favorite. :)

sweet memories...

Love you so much, Mom & Dad...

Friday, December 16, 2016

Backyard Fox

This cute fox was in our backyard just a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  He or she was on the move and I was taking pics through our sliding glass doors.  We're aware of a fox den not far from our home, which is sad because we live in the city and the roads are busy.  
About a month ago our son was coming home around 1 a.m. and saw a deceased fox in the road.  He pulled over and moved him to under a tree.  He told us that he could hear another fox crying not far away.  Their den is nearby where the fox was found, so the others were probably watching my son.  Here in Cary if you call and report there's an animal on the road or roadside they will come and pick it up.  We now have that number in all of our cell phones.
As far as our cute visitor, I sure enjoyed watching him or her...absolutely beautiful.
what a sweet face

love those eyes and ears

look how well camouflaged 

he must be eating suet, birdseed and maybe a few peanuts

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Animals Deserve Better

Have you ever read or heard a story of animal abuse and wish you could ignore it or wished you had never heard it?  It would be easier to not think about it, but then who would be their voice?  We need to know what is happening and how bad it is so we don't ignore how animals are being abused.  Animals that are pets, animals that are being consumed for food, animals being bred illegally just for a few dollars or given away for free on Craigslist.  A lot of these animals end up being used for fighting or for bait which is what cats and smaller dogs are used for, I can't stand the thought of this.  
I'm not a good person to help at shelters, I would be crying too much and trying to bring them all home. :(  This is probably why I've always made donations of some sort and also help spread the word to people that animals sometimes need a helping hand and not to ignore them if you see them struggling on the side of the road or in a backyard being abused or in a hot car...please don't ignore, just call for help.  Everyone can make a difference.  Even signing online petitions, it's not easy to read these stories I know, but it's a start to helping animals.  I can't believe I still eat meat, I don't eat much and we no longer eat Butterball.  I've called more than one large corporation to make them aware that I've seen the videos of animal abuse on their farms, not really farms, really prisons and that my family will no longer buy their products.  It's sad when all they care about is money.

As far as wildlife, I know it's easy to become frustrated with them at times.  Maybe if we put ourselves in their shoes then maybe we would understand wanting to build a nest in that chimney because we want to keep our family warm.  Maybe they feel frustrated with humans for invading their space because we do each and every day.
Shortly after moving to NC a man here in Cary was arrested for tying a young Siberian Husky to a tree and stabbing him several times with a sword.  The neighbor called 911 and the dog's cries were recorded in the call.  He was sentenced to 100 days in jail.  What do you think, is 100 days enough?  I personally feel there should be fines, jail time and counseling and ordered to never own or work around animals.  

Hope I didn't bring anyone down today.  I know there's a lot of good people out there helping animals, but there's never too many.  Rescues for domestic and wildlife accept all types of donations including food, old towels, paper towels, crates, etc.. So, if you're planning to pay a visit why not ask your neighbors, family, friends at church or work to make a donation as well. :)    

Here is the video from The LAD Bible that sparked my post.  
Please watch, it's very short, it shows two rescue pups becoming best friends. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bath time for Robins

Yesterday morning our backyard was full of Robins all wanting to take a bath at the same time.  You can see, by their expressions, that some weren't too happy to share the tub. :)  It looks like they may be family. ha ha

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day

        Thank You...

                                Image result for thank a veteran


Friday, November 4, 2016

It's Friday!

Happy November and happy Friday to everyone!  Hope everyone is doing fabulous!  I've missed visiting everyone's blogs, but will be playing catch up this weekend.  

Normally I post only photos that I've taken, but today all adorable photos are borrowed from the internet. :)

Hope you enjoy all this cuteness...I couldn't choose just 
one. :)

                                               Image result for it's friday dog high fiving

                                            Image result for it's friday dogs high fiving

                                  Image result for free images of dogs high fiving 
                                                  Image result for free images of dogs high fiving                                                                                 Image result for free images of dogs high fiving

                                                 Image result for dogs high fiving



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Blooms

My azaleas are gone, they just don't last long enough.  The good news is, I have new blooms and new babies all around. :)  Baby birds and squirrels are really enjoying our yard.  We see cottontails late at night too, so cute!
Any new babies or blooms in your yard??

Baby Carolina Wren taking a dust bath  :)

baby squirrel

another baby squirrel

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Spring Time!

Hey everyone!  Are you enjoying spring?  We've had beautiful weather here.  This week will be much warmer than the past few weeks.
Hope everyone had a nice Easter.  My dad's birthday was Easter weekend and mine was less than two weeks later. :)  
I'm looking forward to catching up with my blog friends. :)  

This is my Dad & Son.
The picture he's holding is of him and Kyle, Grandpa & Grandson, fishing together
in Boone, NC back in 1999.
I'm so grateful for the relationship they share.  Kyle has so much respect & love for his Grandpa.

This was my birthday cake. :)
This Chocolate Raspberry cake was Delicious!!! and Adorable!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Little Girl, Heidi!

Little Heidi was rescued by my uncle.  Her owner was moving out of state and her plans were to take Heidi and her cat to a shelter.  My uncle heard about this at his work and immediately jumped in to rescue the two.  My uncle's little alpha dachshund wasn't always nice to Heidi, so she's ours now. :) I call her my grandma's dog because when grandma is here you can always find Heidi in grandma's lap. :)
She may only be 4.5 lbs, but she has a BIG bark!    Maybe it's a little yappy, but it's loud! lol
She has a favorite stuffed animal, Ducky, that she keeps in her bed.  If any of the other pups even act like they're about to sniff around Ducky, watch out!  Heidi will come charging and snapping!  As if she has forgotten that she's smaller than Rambo's head!  Gotta love her spunk!
Heidi sends everyone little kisses and hugs!

My Grandma and Heidi
April 2015

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Puppy Dog, Rocket!

Rocket is fast!  When I met him at the shelter his time was up.  I asked for him to be brought out and play in the shelter's yard and he was a blast!  He was fast and wanted to play with every other puppy dog there.  I fell in love with him and five years later he's keeping Roxy and Rambo on their toes. lol  He's like an energetic, permanent two year old. :)
Every morning Rocket turns into border patrol.  He sniffs every inch of our fence to see what was lurking around his yard overnight.  He loves to run into the middle of a bunch of birds and see them fly away...simple pleasures in life. :) 
Rocket doesn't give many kisses, but he sends everyone a "high paw".

He loves to cruise around in the corvette with his boy, Kyle. :)