Saturday, January 28, 2017

Top Notch Cuteness

Hubby & I watched "Super Squirrel" on National
Geographic channel a couple of nights ago.  It was so funny!  
God gave these little rascals some serious talents and built in tools.  
If you get the chance to watch it I highly recommend it. :)

Sharing all this cuteness with my friends.
Happy weekend!

this is a youngster and must be hungry to be so far from a tree.

this one is building a  nest.
he or she took a break on this branch and then jumped
to a large pine tree and straight to the top this cutie went.

my grandmother loves blue birds.
I love my grandma. :)

Love to hear our Carolina Wrenns sing.
Most of the time it's the first bird I hear in the morning
and the Cardinals are usually  the last bird I hear in the evening.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Birds, Dogs, a Squirrel & Snow

It was only one day of snow, which is pleanty for me, and we made the best of it.  We made sure to put plenty of food out for all our critter visitors.  And inside we had lots of yummy food cooking in our new pressure cooker.  We made open faced roast beef sandwiches, I had been having a craving.  It turned out yummy!
Anyone still getting snow?  I think 55 degrees mixed with sunshine is a perfect day. 

sitting patiently, ready for the snow

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Short Sweet Snow in January 2017

Last weekend we were expecting 6" to 10" of snow in Cary/Raleigh, NC which would've been nice, instead we got little snow and too much  We still enjoyed our three whole inches. lol  We put extra food out for the critters and the pups really enjoyed it, it seems to energize them!  As for us, it was so pretty to see.  I don't think I would be happy having snow for more than a week.  I guess it's because at heart I'm a Florida girl. :)    

I'm curious, are you living in the state you truly desire or does your heart desire somewhere different? If so, where?

here's our pups with their boy Kyle.
make sure to turn up the volume so you can hear Kyle laughing and Rambo barking. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy new year!  Hope everyone enjoyed their first day of 2017.  We stayed home to bring in the new year with lots of food, cards & board games and it was so much fun.  We even had fireworks close by. :) 
Did you stay in or go to a celebration or do you have any new year's eve traditions that you follow?

Happy 2017!  Hope the year brings you much happiness and joy!  

This is a happy 2016 memory to share with you. :)
This is a precious young bird that flew into our sliding glass door.
My son immediately went to help it.  He held it for a few minutes until it was ready to fly again.

We think it's a part of the Warbler family.