Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I can't believe it's Halloween already, which means it's the last day of October!  Where is the time going??  Does anyone else feel this way?
Kyle and I found pumpkins for $.50 each, so we bought 5!
We have 4 out of 5 carved and Kyle will carve the 5th one today.  
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!  What is everyone doing today?  Are you dressing up?  Passing out candy?  Eating candy?? LOL

Here's what we've got ready for tonight so far...

Love my son's imagination!
He's king of carving pumpkins in our home. :)

Taking a photo of his work.  :)

I was kinda hoping for an all brown bag,
so that we could afford the high cost of living. :)

A few of my cupcakes

Which bowl of candy do you think is for trick or treaters 
and which one is for me???


That corgi :) said...

Your son is very talented with his pumpkin carving, Marie! I like the pumpkin inside the pumpkin, very creative!! LOL, your's of course, is the smaller bowl of candy, but those cupcakes look delicious!

have a safe Halloween!


Fiona said...

Wow great pumpkin carving Marie!
Send him here and he can carve ours!

Have a lovely Halloween night.

x Fiona

TexWisGirl said...

i'd be eating all of those cupcakes myself. the candy could be doled out. :)

love your son's imagination and talents!

Sandra said...

tell kyle he is an amazing artist. i would never have thought of that putting the little pumpkin in the big one. I LOVE IT... great job on the carving, and don't eat all that chocolate at one time.
us old folks will be watching The Voice tonight.

Deb said...

great carving...what a deal on pumpkins...we aren't doing anything...Hotrod is going trick or treating with Mommy and Daddy with friends that have 3 kiddos...he should be fun tomorrow...

Beth said...

Your son is a talented pumpkin carver. I think the chocolate is for you.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh yes, that time thing. It does feel like it should still be summer.

Great pumpkins!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

The trick or treater's will have fun at your house! The cupcakes look yummy. Happy Halloween!!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Good work, Kyle!
Marie, I hope the chocolate bowl is for you. but, why so small??? ;)

Mamabug said...

your son did a great job on those pumpkins! of course the bowl of chocolate is for you!

Deb Crecelius said...

Great carving!
Love the big, scary one eating the little one.
p.s. The bowl of chocolate had better be yours!
Do you share?

Ann said...

Your son is awesome at pumpkin carving. I'm sitting here hiding from the trick or treaters. I didn't bother buying pumpkins or candy this year. I'm such a
I'm pretty sure that your bowl of candy is the one with chocolate because that would be mine

Ms. A said...

Applause for the pumpkin carver!!! That's great!

My grands just left and I'd prefer to just stop now and keep the candy for myself. I begrudge every piece I hand out. LOL!

Jacked Up Glock Mom said...

He is so talented. Next year I want to try the big one eating the little one...

My parents came up so Senior and I could walk around with both boys. My mother asked why was i handing out Goldfish crackers, and I told her I was trying to stay in line with Michelle Obamas food initiative.. : ) Hope you guys had a Safe and Happy Halloween !

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the big pumpkin eating it's young, Kyle has a great imagination. The cupcakes look so delicious I wouldn't even notice the candy.

We're just hanging out. It looks like it's going to be a wet night so we aren't expecting many trick or treaters.

Happy Halloween!

Chatty Crone said...

The chocolate is for you!
Boo to you!
Happy Halloween!

Catherine said...

That's a cool pumpkin chewing on the little pumpkin! Your son is talented! I would love one of those yummy looking cupcakes. I would pick chocolate every single time. :)
xo Catherine

Lynn Proctor said...

haha i bet i can guess which one--fun stuff :)

Mary said...

I am not sure why they are smarties...since I have not eaten one for years and I think that is smart. As for the chocolate items...I think those are yours!

mare ball said...

Wow, your son did an amazing job on those pumpkins! Those gourds are HARD! Love the Harry Potter look. Handsome son!