Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone's day has been happy and peaceful. 
Love & blessings to you all,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Happy Sunday to everyone!  Hope everyone is doing great!  We've been running way behind this year, but it's starting to finally look like Christmas here at our home.  We just mailed our Christmas cards Friday night, better late than never. :)
We've had a few cool days here in Orlando so, I've been  wearing sweaters and my boots!  Sandra, aka MadSnapper, knows how happy this makes me. LOL  

We will be having Christmas breakfast at home and  dinner at my parents home.  Today I will be baking a bunch of cookies!  My son's nickname is Cookie Monster and has been since he was about two.  He loves warm chocolate chip cookies and many others as well.  A few of my favorite are chocolate chip cookies, ginger bread cookies, blackberry cobbler and sweet potato pie...yummy!  What are some favorites in your home??

Rocket is worried because the tree is far from decorated and he doesn't smell any good gifts. :)
P.S.  I don't have make-up on or do any photo shop this is me, I keep it simple. :) LOL

Roxanne never worries because she knows mommy always comes through. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Afternoon at the Park with My Son Part 4

While my son and I were visiting the park his best friend called.  What happened next??  You guessed it, he came to join us. :)  They took off and quickly left me behind. LOL

Hope December is everything you want it to be.  I haven't caught up yet, but it's okay it will all work out. :)

There they go, straight to the water to look for alligators. LOL

Doesn't it look like summer?

Friday, December 7, 2012


Peek-a-boo, I've missed you!  
Here I go again, running behind in one of my favorite places...blog land!  
I hope everyone is enjoying their December!  I would enjoy it more if it would cool off and stay that way.  I have boots and sweaters that I would love to wear!  Our fireplace is just sitting there.  I think we've had two fires this season.  If you looked in my coat closet you would think I live in North Dakota. LOL  I'm ready for some winter weather!
This little girl below was begging to be on my blog.  Well, not really, she was begging for peanuts.  She got both! :)
Happy Friday my friends!