Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life is Busy!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  We've been keeping extra busy, but I'm not complaining. :)  Mom and dad came for a visit.  They had to be here for their grandson's 19th birthday!  Yes, my baby boy is 19 yrs young, hard to believe!  Besides this big celebration we celebrated Father's Day, Mother's Day and my Mother's birthday!!!  It was a vacation for us all!
After all the celebrations and vacation hubby had returned to work.  On his second day back to work I got a call that he was being taken to the ER by ambulance, I was freaking out!!  Kyle and I met the ambulance there!  It turned out to be kidney stones.  We're grateful it wasn't something worse.  He's back to his good health and now has an idea of what labor is like for a woman. ha ha!:)
Talking about health issues and hospital visits make me think of Ginny and Phil at Let Your Light Shine.  Most of you that visit me probably visit sweet Ginny.  Phil, Ginny's husband, has been diagnosed with Melanoma.  I lost my granddaddy to this cancer and I'm at high risk for melanoma because I have dysplastic nevus syndrome.  Even if you don't know Ginny and Phil please say a prayer for them.  

I'll be making my way around blog land playing catch up.  I've missed everyone's stories and photos!  :)

Our baby boy, Kyle!
Love you, son!

Roxanne-Love with her boy, Kyle!

My Mom & Dad.
Love you both so much!