Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cypress Grove Park

After our son successfully passed his diving test and received his license he drove us to Cypress Grove Park.  This is where hubby and I were married.  It was a beautiful day and there were so many beautiful blooms.  We took pictures while Kyle drove around the park.  
Hope everyone is doing well.  I've been falling a bit behind in posting and commenting, but I'm catching up!  Hope everyone has a great week!

We were married here in the middle of the Rose Garden.

He can't seem to stop smiling...LOL


Ann said...

He must be feeling like king of the road and lucky you to have such a young handsome chauffeur :)

Fiona said...

What a beautiful place Marie
and I am sure you have fantastic memories.

Wow it is gorgeous.

Congrats to your son on passing his driving test
mine is drooling while looking
at the car your son has!!!

Have a lovely week Marie.

x Fiona

That corgi :) said...

That is a beautiful place; great place to get married too; so colorful and scenic with the flowers and buildings! How fun to be chauffered like this by your son; WTG for him passing his test; they always enjoy the freedom of being able to drive :)


Deb Crecelius said...

Lovely place to get married.
Looks beautiful.
And congrats to your son for the driving license and for his birthday!

TexWisGirl said...

congrats!!! that is awesome! such an important milestone on the way to growing up!!!

and that is a gorgeous place to be married. love the 'fire and ice' roses.

Beth said...

The roses are so beautiful. Nice having a young handsome son to drive you around.

Congrats to him on passing his diving test.

mare ball said...

What a sweet post...the roses are just gorgeous! And to have your young man drive you to such a special place. What a day for memories!

Annmarie Pipa said...

what a gorgeous!!
and yea for your son!! He is officially a chauffeur!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful spot to get married in ~ lovely! Congratulations to your son on getting his license!
Have a wonderful week!
xo C

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a pretty place. Congrats to your son!

Mamabug said...

What a beautiful park! Love your son's big smile; such a big milestone in a young man's life!

Sandra said...

is that your car or his? he looks great and so happy with those keys hanging in his hand. a beautiful spot to be married in.

Lynn Proctor said...

so lovely--congrats to your son :)

Chatty Crone said...

A lovely place and tell your son congrats. They all want to drive - a big marker of growing up. He looks like a fine young man.


SquirrelQueen said...

What a great place for a wedding. Those roses are beautiful, the scent from them must be heavenly.

Congrats to Kyle for getting a car.

Last night not long after I sent your email I was visiting everyone when there was a loud crash of thunder and the power blinked off and on. I figured that was a hint for me to turn off the computer. I got a good night's sleep but now I'm catching up.

Danielle L Zecher said...

What a beautiful place to get married! Congratulations to your son on getting his license.

SerenaB said...

What a wonderful day and even better yet you have a new found chauffeur! What a lucky lady! Such a beautiful place to be married! Breath taking!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Beautiful photos, Marie! And congrats to your son!

Anne said...

Gorgeous photos! I think my eldest son would love that car too:)

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Now you never have to drive again, just hand him the keys and sit back and relax.

OUTstanding photos and the roses against the blue sky, WOW, they just seem to pop off the page.
What a lovely visit you had at the grove.

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Marie, I loved looking at your Beautiful photos in the rose garden, and what a wonderful place to have a wedding. I didn't get married in a Rose Garden but my Hubby did propose to me in a Rose Garden. This reminded me of that Special Day that I shall not forget. And I know you will never forget your Special Day. You have so many precious memories at that park, and now you have captured another.
Congrats to your son on getting his license, and he does look very happy.
I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all your wonderful captures, Marie.
Have a great rest of the week.
Hugs, Dianne :)

Marissa @Life On Our Mountain said...

What a beautiful rose garden! That is a perfect place for a wedding.