Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Friday Friends

Hope everyone is having a good week.  I've been dragging since Tuesday night.  

I went outside this morning and enjoyed my large cup of coffee, visits from two butterflies, the gorgeous blue sky and the many flowers blooming.  Some birds and squirrels visited and even a hawk landed in my oak tree and left my little critters alone.   

I took a few moments to pray and thank him for all this beauty, it was just what I needed to lift my spirits.  Afterwards I went to get my camera because I wanted to share all this beauty with you. :)

Hope you are having a beautiful day...

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Jacked Up Glock Mom said...

I want to get a decent camera for Christmas. I know its hard to cheer up.. everyone knows from my posts that I have been in the big trash dumpster of life as well.
As much as it sux, it is sucking even more that this may all go longer then BOs terms.. The hispanics are the fastest growing minority, soon they will be a majority. They too like the entitlements, and a true conservative will not ever have a chance of getting elected. I also heard that they are growing so fast in TX that soon TX will go BLUE..instead of RED. : (

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Taking a MOMENT is so important. You might want to join our This Moment See beautiful Hop today, check it out. LOVE the photos. Oh we also have Bougainvillea flowers on our post today. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Maple Lane said...

Your pictures are so pretty. Love that vivid, blue sky and the butterflies on the flowers. Wishing you a nice weekend.

Sandra said...

so beautiful, you did see beautiful today and did capture it for us to see.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Such pretty flowers.

Thanks for the eyebrow compliment. LOL - I don't do anything to them! So I guess it's a good thing they are nice ;-)

Fiona said...

Love the photos Marie
they are gorgeous.

Lucky you having blue skies
and butterflies
we have rain and dark days.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Have a great weekend.

x Fiona

TexWisGirl said...

the glories are gorgeous! the longwings, too.

Deb said...

I wish I had blue morning glories...mine are all pink or purple..nice post...

Catherine said...

So so pretty and warm looking my friend! Please keep showing me these images as it is very cold with lots of snow here so I need images such as these to warm me up!!! ;)
xo Catherine

GOOSE said...

Very beautiful. MOM and I always take that morning time to pray and do our devotion drink coffee (well that one is just for MOM, I get a treat). Very important to just stop, breathe and take in the beauty that surrounds us.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Thank you for sharing your morning and GOD's beauty he offers us. Lovely photos, they made my eyes happy.

✿ chica said...

Fotos lindíssimas.Adorei passear por aqui! beijos,chica

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Your photos are just beautiful, Marie! I would love to get such crisp, clear photos.

Thank you for the nice comments on my post. We will all get through this together. It's wonderful to part of such a great blogging community that stands together.

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Your morning glories make me think of my Mamaw. She had them growing up her back stairs when I was a child.
They always lift my spirits! Your Bougie looks beautiful, too.
Have a great weekend, Marie. :)

Ms. A said...

I'm clapping and jumping up and down! Beautiful shots! I have yet to capture a butterfly, but I hope to someday, even if it takes a trip to the butterfly museum!

Chatty Crone said...

I used to have some wisteria morning glories like these too! So pretty. What is the name of the red flowers? I know what you mean, but it will be okay. Hugs my friend. sandie

Ann said...

Wonderful shots. That blue sky is gorgeous. Have a great weekend

KB said...

That is truly beautiful. All of the flowers make me smile! Thank you.

That corgi :) said...

You did such a great job on these pictures Marie! I love the butterfly ones (all were great!) Thanks for sharing the beauty of your town with us!! Enjoy the weekend yourself!


Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Marie, it was so nice seeing all the color, and pretty flowers and butterflies. Our are long gone. No snow here yet and we did have a couple of sunny but cool days, and now back to grey skies and rain in the forecast.
Loved your post. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, from Ontario, Canada
Dianne :)

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Marie
Mom and I thank you for visiting us on See Beautiful. OMC
Where in NC were you born?
We really enjoyed your post and beautiful flowers.
Mom's aid your morning started off purrfectly
W a cup of coffee and butterflies
Madi and mom

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Marie
Mom and I thank you for visiting us on See Beautiful. OMC
Where in NC were you born?
We really enjoyed your post and beautiful flowers.
Mom's aid your morning started off purrfectly
W a cup of coffee and butterflies
Madi and mom

Jeanne Pursell said...

I do love my coffee too!! Your pictures are awesome!! Absolutely beautiful flowers!! I really miss them here in Upstate NY when November arrives and all we see is grey until about May! Happy seeing beautiful and thanks for hopping by!
Jeanne (Love your pups too!!)

Beth said...

The flowers are gorgeous!!

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

What awesome pictures they are, especially the one with the beautiful butterfly!!

Hope you're having a fun day :)

Your pal Snoopy :)

Linda said...

I just came bloghopping and can't believe the vibrant colours you have at this time of year. A real pick-me-up for our dark Scottish November days.

Duni said...

Hello Marie,

I found you via Ann's Blog as you are featured there today. I see you have a special affinity toward animals just like I do :)
Thank you for this uplifting post and gorgeous photos!
best wishes from Germany,

Joyce said...

Hi Marie,

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment. I too have felt heavy hearted this week...a disappointing election on top of a hurricane followed by snow has felt like a lot. I find I'm struggling to let go of some of the anger/sadness/disbelief I feel following Tuesday's outcome, and I continually remind myself that God is still on His throne. I am praying for many things right now...I don't think we've seen the end of discord and division and our President has done nothing so far to indicate things will be any different than first time round. I am watching less news, but also feel those who disagree with the direction he leads cannot remain silent.

Sorry to rant here : ) I agree with you that getting outdoors is a spirit lifter. I too take a lot of photos of the beauty that is all around us. It helps!

Parsley said...

Great photos!

Lynn Proctor said...

thanks marie, these are amazing shots!!!

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh Marie, your flowers are so beautiful. All of my flowers are gone except for a couple of roses and they won't be around much longer. We have had fog and rain the past few days so I will enjoy your sunshine for a while if you don't mind.

Joop Zand said...

These pictures are so wonderful..... compliments for this blog.

Greetings from Holland, Joop