Friday, August 12, 2011

Life here is lonely...thank you to the few that have joined ;)

I log into my blog and get excited to check my stats and I see that I've had a few new visits, but no new comments :(.  The Squirrel Queen has been very supportive and helpful and I enjoy her blog tremendously.
I've had viewers from USA, Germany, Canada and even Saudi Arabia, wow.  Looking forward to hearing from women all over.  There's always something going on in every life of a women. 
I saw my hairdresser today and she's Godmother to two children.  She's very helpful in their daily lives.  So, we usually talk about kids and the world today.  When I talk to my best friend, she's always wondering when she'll be getting engaged with her boyfriend, how old will she be when they have their first child and how old will she be when the last one graduates high school, ha ha. 
We women are hilarious!  Come and share whatever is going on in your life here where woman talk about life. 


SquirrelQueen said...

Don't let the stats get you discouraged, it takes time. One of the things I like most about blogging is meeting people from around the world. I can 'chat' with someone in the UK one minute then visit with a friend in India the next.

Not much going on around here lately except yard work and trying to get caught up on reading, I am so far behind on both.

SweetMarie said...

Thank you for the encouraging words, I really do appreciate it. I'm looking forward to talking with people from all over.
My yard work is never done, I'd rather work outside than inside anyday. I have a lot of flowers in the backyard. The other day one of the squirrels had picked a hibiscus flower and had trouble carrying it because it was as big as her. It was so funny, they're so entertaining. I'll have to post a pic of it on here tonight along with a pic of MaMa
Hope you have a great weekend, maybe you can catch up in the garden or some of your reading:)