Saturday, August 13, 2011

Animals in my life

I've always had animals in my life and I wouldn't change a thing.  When I was very young, my dad and I raised an orphaned bird.  At my grandma's house I always had kitty cats.  At home I had a doggy for the most part.  In my twenties I started helping with wildlife rescue.  I've raised baby squirrels from before they opened their eyes.  I would have to keep them warm and get up through the night to feed them.  This was good practice of how life would be once I had my son:).  I've had two kitty cats, Tigger and Taffy.  And now I have three doggies, there's pics of them in another post.  Two of them are rescues.  Outside we have squirrels and birds that we feed regularly and in return they give us cheap entertainment, ha ha.  MaMa squirrel lives in our Oak tree down in the "V", I call it her condo.  She's great, she will climb on our garden window and ask for more food.  Our dogs and squirrels share the backyard better than expected.  We really love to cookout and hangout in the backyard, reading in the hammock or better yet looking up into the beautiful sky and trees and just watching nature. 


SquirrelQueen said...

Great pictures, I love the one of the squirrel. It is really unusual to see a squirrel after dark.

Like you I grew up having animals around, dogs and cats mostly. Once I was on my own I always had a cat as a sidekick.

I've never gotten into animal rescue but I do work with an organization called Cat Management Coalition that operates with our local humane society. We work to control the feral cat population in our community through a trap/neuter/return program. I do trapping and sometimes help with the post op procedures.

SweetMarie said...

Thank you, that's MaMa Squirrel. I hate to see her out too late seeing that we have large hawks that visit at times.

That sounds like a great organization you're a part of. A friend and neighbor has about six cats and a Goldentriever and she helps as often as she can with cats, she takes strays in for shots etc.. I love seeing and hearing of people helping animals...they need us.