Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing Rook on Sunday, life in the fast lane lol!

This Sunday evening consisted of family coming to dinner and a few games of Rook.  I've been hooked on Rook since last Christmas when I got my husband Rook cards for a stocking stuffer.  We sometimes switch to Spades or Hearts, but Rook is the all time favorite around here. 


SquirrelQueen said...

I remember playing Rook with my dad and grandfather but that was a long time ago. I always loved the game. Maybe I'll look for a deck and see if I can get a game started.

Chatty Crone said...

I used to play Rook!

My best friend lives in Cary, NC. Right next to Raleigh. I live in Ga.

Nice to meet you!

SweetMarie said...

Hi SquirrelQueen,
Rook is one of my favorites! You can pick a deck at Target for about $6 or $7 or even on ebay it's aboutthe same. That would be great if you got a game going. We really look forward to it! It's always a fun time!

SweetMarie said...

Hi Sandie, Welcome and nice to meet you!
Cary is beautiful! And everyone that we encountered was kind and helpful. My son would like to attend UNC or NC State. I'm hoping with his swimming ability and his GPA he will possibly get a scholarship. One way or another we will probably move to NC. I do have family in GA. They all tell me how great Georgia Tech is, since my son wants to go into the engineering field. GA is very nice as well.