Monday, November 7, 2011

Animals In Need Of FUREVER Homes

There are so many wonderful animals just waiting for their furever families!
Mayzie is trying to bring awareness to all the animals in need of homes.  If we can all chip in and post an adoptable animal here on our blogs maybe some lucky doggies and kitties will find homes.  And if you can't adopt a pet at this moment maybe consider a small donation...every bit really does make a difference!
For more info please visit Mayzie at:

This is Beautiful Boo Boo!
She is looking for a family to love...

Boo Boo: Greyhound, Dog; Longwood, FL Enlarge Photo
Boo Boo: Greyhound, Dog; Longwood, FL Boo Boo: Greyhound, Dog; Longwood, FL Boo Boo: Greyhound, Dog; Longwood, FL

Boo Boo

Greyhound: An adoptable dog in Longwood, FL

Medium • Adult • Female
Beautiful buckskin red fawn, born 11/09 Very sweet & gentle girl, loves to be around other greyhounds, would do well with a companion grey, slightly shy but warms up quickly If you have any questions or need more information about any of the Greyhounds at the ranch, please call at 407-804-5257.

Boo Boo's Contact Info

Greyhound Ranch Adoptions, Inc., Longwood, FL


DeanO said...

Wonderful - we've adopted all our pets save one! It was the neighbors kitten and our pug adopted the kitten!

SquirrelQueen said...

Boo Boo is a beautiful girl, I hope she finds a forever home very soon. Mayzie's Rescue Me Week is turning out to be a huge success. Hopefully some puppies and kitties will find new homes.

Catherine said...

Wonderful post my friend ~ so many furry friends need homes. It breaks the heart!
xo Catherine

Sandra said...

she is beautiful and they are wonderful pets. I have 2 friends that adopted these wonderful gray hounds and we often wish we had looked at our local gray hound rescue when we were looking for ours. hope boo boo gets a home soon.

Val said...

great if I can just figure out how to do this linking stuff. Hugs to you and your babies.

Ann said...

BooBoo is a pretty girl and I sure hope she finds a home. I've been reading a lot about Mayzie's rescue me week. What a great idea this is

mayziegal said... are BOOteeful! You looks very soft and warm and cuddly and any family sure would be lucky to have you! My paws are crossed that you'll find you Most Perfect Home That Ever Was real, real soon!

Thank you SO much for pawticipating in Rescue Me Week! This makes me happy all over!

Wiggles & WAgs,

Rebecca Bany said...

Awww I love this. People dump dogs on our road all the time. It's very sad.

Chatty Crone said...

Are Greyhounds good with kids - I heard they were kind of skiddish!