Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I can't believe it's Halloween already, which means it's the last day of October!  Where is the time going??  Does anyone else feel this way?
Kyle and I found pumpkins for $.50 each, so we bought 5!
We have 4 out of 5 carved and Kyle will carve the 5th one today.  
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!  What is everyone doing today?  Are you dressing up?  Passing out candy?  Eating candy?? LOL

Here's what we've got ready for tonight so far...

Love my son's imagination!
He's king of carving pumpkins in our home. :)

Taking a photo of his work.  :)

I was kinda hoping for an all brown bag,
so that we could afford the high cost of living. :)

A few of my cupcakes

Which bowl of candy do you think is for trick or treaters 
and which one is for me???

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our National Symbol

The other day hubby and I were getting on I-4 and I saw a Bald Eagle!  I was so upset that I didn't have my camera and we weren't in a good place to pull over to attempt to use my cell phone camera.

Then today hubby and I were out and about with camera in hand just in case I saw some fun Halloween or fall decorations.  We were on our way home and cruising close to a lake and there it was, another Bald Eagle!  I was so excited and yelling to hubby "pull over, pull over"!  Talk about driving under pressure. LOL  We pulled off the road and I jumped out of the car!  He or she was sitting high, about 100ft away, over looking Lake Conway.  I started snapping while I could hear the birds behind me crying because this powerful bird was too close for comfort!  He didn't sit still for long, but it was a beautiful sight to see.  I thought with the election close by this was a perfect time to see a Bald Eagle.
I found a couple of websites with some great information about the Bald Eagle, our national symbol. or

I have to tell you that seeing our country's national symbol at this time has really lifted my spirits.  Seeing two Eagles in five days is a sign to me that everything will be okay, we're strong!
God Bless America!

He was fast and at this point about a 180 ft away!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fabulous Finds

Everyone knows by now that I shop thrift stores regularly.  And I'm finding that there are a lot of friends in blog land that enjoy thrift stores as well.  I wish we could all shop together, but until then lets share our finds here in blog land. :)
My son went to a couple of thrift stores this week trying to piece together his Halloween costume.  He's going as a "nerd".  Yes, there will be pics taken. :)  It makes me happy that he's being thrifty with my money. LOL

I couldn't resist these cute bird houses!  They were $2.99 each!
I placed my cell phone there to give you an idea of their size.
Now will they go in my kitchen or outside for little birds??? hmmmmmm

I found this lovely bowl, it was $.99!  It will have one of the most important jobs
in our home, it will soon be holding chocolate!  LOL

     Acquiring a dog
   may be the only opportunity
      a human ever has
        to choose a relative.

I saved the best for last!  
This was only $.49 and I just love it!

 Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Endangered Species

When it comes to cleaning his room or taking out the garbage my son has to be reminded.  So, when I hear lawn equipment start up and there hasn't been any reminders I get excited!  Now when I was a kid I didn't get any reminders and if I didn't remember my chores I was grounded!  What is going on???  My son has some friends that  have chores and some that don't have any.  Plus, some of them have maid service that includes their bedrooms!

Did you have chores?  How about your kids?  

Pull your shorts up!  LOL

He caught me snapping and there's nothing he can do to stop me
because he knows it's a mother's right to snap! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Day

Green is my son's favorite color, has been since he was a little man. :) My favorite color is red.  What about you, do you have a favorite color?

It's Friday and hubby and I are spending the day together so, you know I'm having a wonderful day! :)
Hope all of you are enjoying your Friday and weekend! 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leaves for Leontien

Leaves of Love for Beautiful and Brave Leontien.

Leontien is battling cancer.  If you would like to show your support please visit A Rural Journal.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pretty Pods

It's time again to show off MadSnapper's Grandchildren.  Hubby and I are so proud of our beautiful Poincianas! They now have so many pods!  I have to tell you, it has been so cool to watch them grow from seeds that Sandra and Bob sent us into these lovely flowers.  Every time a bloom leaves us these pods grow right in behind them!  So cool and amazing!  Hubby will be transplanting more in the next couple of days, basically we will have Poincianas and Powder Puffs all over our yard. :)

Happy Sunday my friends!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do You Jack O' Lantern?

Hubby and I went to Lowe's, at the entrance they have these pumpkins and cute Halloween decorations.  It got us thinking about carving a pumpkin.  We decided that hubby and son will each get a pumpkin to carve.:)  
One year my dad carved out an American flag and someone stole it off my brick wall in the front yard.  It was really cool, I'm guessing someone else thought the same!  When I was growing up we never missed carving a pumpkin and the tradition has carried on. :)

So, do you Jack O' Lantern???

These photos were taken with my cell phone.
I told hubby that we needed to run home and get a camera
and he reminded me that I could just use my cell phone camera...blonde moment!  LOL

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...

On the way back home I decided to take some pics because it is so beautiful today.  Hubby is frying a bunch of fish in celebration of my Grandmother's birthday.  She turned 83 October 2 and we're celebrating at my home today with family.  We'll all sit around stuffing ourselves with dinner and then cake and pie until we can't hardly!  The best part is listening to stories my grandma tells about her childhood and raising my mother and my uncles.  There are some dandy stories and we never get tired of hearing them. :)
By the way, I really liked Mister Rogers and his neighborhood!  I'm guessing I'm not alone. :)
Keep your hopes high and have a fabulous Sunday!

This is the little lake down the street from our home where we escorted
Mama Mallard and her babies, most of you probably remember her. :)

Gotta love this sign. :)

To the right is our clubhouse and that is where my baby boy,  the swimmer, learned how to swim...precious memories. :)
There are two pools, one for adults only and the other for kids and families so, everybody is happy. 

Finally home and it looks like a busy day for everyone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Give Me A "R"!

I always enjoy seeing so many unique gates on Run Around Ranch with Theresa in Texas.  She now has motivated me to take pics of gates. :)  When hubby and I passed this one I thought it was pretty and interesting, so hubby turned the car around...I have such good chauffeurs. LOL
Anybody's name start with a R???
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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